Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Potion for a Punkin

Every now and then, every knitter or crocheter stumbles upon a pattern she must start.  Immediately.  So you understand what happened when I found this pattern and knew I must start.  Right away.  My good friends were due to have a baby this spring so I decided to make a sock yarn version, which would come out the right size and have nice drape.  The pattern is called "Jacquard 30 Pattern Sampler" by Renate Kirkpatrick.  If you can stomach all the ends that need weaving in, it is lots and lots of fun.

I felt very clever when I figured out how to modify the pattern to eliminate the seaming.  Each motif is worked off the one below, and joined along one edge to the motif next-door using slip stitches.  Adding two selvedge stitches of black on each side of the design made the join-as-you-go virtually invisible.  This took about 1200 yards of black sock yarn and a whole mess o'scraps, hooked up on a size F.

Geek Alert: There is an online Hogwarts.  It lives on Ravelry.  This project was my first OWL exam, in Potions, completed for Ravenclaw House in Winter 2011 term.