Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sock Yarn Blankies for Thing 1 / Thing 2

My baby crafting goals included two baby blankies for my upcoming twins. I started one immediately after learning I was pregnant, with sock yarn leftovers, and quickly depleted my supply of scraps. I appealed to my knitting guild and a few groups on Ravelry for help, and was simply overwhelmed with the generous response. Packages started arriving, a few people showed up at my door with scraps, and all of a sudden I was in over my head. I had a terrific time crocheting up two different designs, and they are done.

(I was particularly glad to finish these before I was sidelined with carpal tunnel syndrome, which took me out of the knitting/crochet game for the last three months of my last pregnancy.)

The end result is that I now have 2400 grams (grams! not yards!) of lovingly donated sock yarn scraps to play with.  In case you were wondering, this is what 2400 grams of sock yarn looks like.

With a little bit of egging-on from my mother, I have decided to transform these into a bedspread for my older daughter, who, according to her grandmother, will feel left out.  (My daughter is getting roller skates for her birthday so it is unlikely she will acknowledge any other gifts presented to her during the entire of the fall and winter.  But we do these things for love, and she'll eventually outgrow the skates but have an heirloom blanket to abuse as a teenager.)

Since she just moved into a twin bed, I planned to make her bedspread 66" x 90" according to this online list of afghan and blanket sizes, but as I was getting started, I decided 66" was way too wide and shortened it to 54".  After one row of pattern, it became clear that even this was way too wide so I will be frogging and starting completely afresh today.